20 Most Promising Document Management Solution Providers 2015

Many businesses today actively harness Document Management Solutions (DMS) to efficiently facilitate their workflows. With DMS, it has become extremely fast to store, retrieve, and share documents, thereby making data actionable for electronic creators, medical device manufacturers, and law firms. Here are the 20 Most Promising Document Management Solution Providers 2015.

Company Name

Company Description

ABBYY Provider of document capture and language-based technologies that integrate across the information lifecycle
Asite Helping people share information and build knowledge in a secure environment in the cloud
Digitech Systems Digitech Systems offers a comprehensive ECM product suite that enables businesses to more effectively manage information of any kind.
Doc.It Provides a full suite of document management products that meets the needs of firms of all sizes
Docpath Manufacturer of document technology software
Docufree Provider of document management and business process automation solutions over a scalable platform without the high up-front costs and on-going maintenance, security and support issues that are involved with building one on your own.
Docupace Electronic processing solutions for financial services firms and their advisors.
DocuWare Corporation Provides the advantages of digital document management while protecting critical documents from loss, damage and prying eyes
Doxim A firm that builds and delivers advanced document processing solutions and SaaS offerings for clients offering financial services.
eBizDocs Provider of electronic document management service
eFileCabinet Provider of full-fledged electronic document management solution designed to help organizations capture, manage and protect their data
FIREPROOF Providing companies with solutions, reducing costs and risks associated with information protection and storage.
Generis Knowledge Management Offers ground-breaking technology for content / document management platforms.
IntelliChief Provides enterprise-class document management and workflow solutions for any IT platform
Loris Technologies A developer of FileNexus Document Management System for companies in public, financial and banking sector
PDFfiller Provides services of an online editor, cloud storage platform, and a signature request manager all in one package
Scan-Optics Offers solutions that turns paper documents into digital, intelligent, usable information
Shinydocs Corporation Developing and implementing collaborative tools to increase efficiency and accelerate business processes
TechBlocks The company builds secure, flexible, and scalable customized solutions that reduce costs and significantly improves business productivity
VirPack Provider of document management and eDelivery solutions for the mortgage industry